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Immigration is a natural and healthy part of an open economy and society but, for it to be of net benefit, some conditions have to be met. The number and quality of immigrants have to be controlled so that undue strain is not placed on our public services or social fabric. As hosts, it is reasonable that we expect immigrants to be of good character, have desirable skills, obey our laws, show respect for our culture, and overall make a positive effort to integrate. Recent influxes of decent Poles and other Eastern Europeans have shown how this can succeed, in places where migrant numbers are not too high. However, starting with the last Labour government in 1997 and abetted by the EU's insistence on free movement, these conditions have all become massively breached and profound harm is now being inflicted on the UK by unsustainable levels and a lower quality of immigration. Every year a quarter to a third of a million migrants net bloat the UK population, roughly half from the EU and half from outside the EU. Fuelled by mass immigration, England has become the most overcrowded major country in Europe. Four times as many people will soon be crammed in as France and twice as many as Germany.

Coerced by Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, the EU abandoned its external borders and immigration laws in 2015 to allow a flood of 2½ to 3 million non-European migrants into EU countries. This human tsunami, overwhelmingly young Muslim males - of working, or fighting age - included not only genuine refugees fleeing war in Syria and Iraq, but also a multitude of other illegal migrants from North Africa and Asia. Hopefully many are simply economic chancers, but evidence suggests there is a significant cohort on Islamic hijra, namely migration to conduct jihad in the name of Allah. The profound threat to European security and Christian civilization from unfettered Muslim immigration is really not too difficult to assess. The majority of these 'Merkel migrants' are unskilled and unemployed, placing an enormous burden on the welfare systems of their host countries. They commit a disproportionate amount of crime, especially sexual assault and rape, and show little desire to integrate with indigenous populations. When they gain EU citizenship, they can travel throughout the EU. Eight to ten million migrants may still be on the way to Europe. Yet mass migration is no solution to world poverty.

By late 2015, several EU states had to defy the EU's Schengen rules and reintroduce border checks to try to unilaterally control the migration crisis. Yet the EU now wants a return to open borders by the end of 2017, despite the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean continuing to rise, huge public disapproval, and when Turkish authorities increasingly threaten to renege on a border deal that has lessened the flow of migrants from Turkey to Europe. By properly leaving the EU, the UK will regain full control of its borders, allowing Britons to decide who is accepted into, or deported from, our country, and for what reason. The government must grasp this opportunity to return immigration to sustainable levels and raise the quality and integration level of the immigrants we host.

Do the maths

Gaining a grasp of the statistics which quantitatively describe the migrant phenomenon is essential. Far too many media reports focus on selective 'human interest' snapshots and ignore the overall scale of the threat to European civilization. Watch the interactive map of the flow of asylum seekers to Europe, based on data from the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), to gain an immediate impression of what we are dealing with. Remember that migrants who live for a few years and gain EU citizenship in any member state will then have an automatic right to move throughout the bloc. Also, Berlin has admitted that it has little success in sending migrants back to the EU states responsible for them - the 'safe' countries they first arrived in from their homelands.


EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland received more than 1.2 million asylum applications in 2016, just fewer than the record 1.3 million applications received in 2015. More than half of the migrants who arrived in the EU, Norway and Switzerland in 2015 and 2016 still have no legal asylum status. Only about 3% of these incomers were returned to their home countries or sent to a non-EU country by the end of 2016.

UN data shows that 95,768 migrants crossed the Mediterranean to arrive in Europe in the first half of 2017. The number entering Greece has fallen considerably, but illegal migration to Italy and Spain has risen. Very large numbers of migrants are being 'rescued' in the Mediterranean close to Libya and then systematically ferried the greater remaining distance to EU countries. Official vessels operated by European states have been joined by those directed by non-governmental organsations (NGOs), including Save the Children and Médecins sans Frontières, invited by European government agencies, and in receipt of significant government funding as well as charitable giving from the public.

It has become plain that a good number of the NGOs are breaking their own operating rules and worse, are positively facilitating people smuggling. Agents who infiltrated NGOs have found collusion with smugglers' networks, even coordinating locations to meet and pick up vessels sent out by the smugglers. NGOs have also handed vessels back to the smugglers, prolonging the cycle of criminality.

United Kingdom

The population of the UK was 65.6 million in mid-2016, with England's population alone now being over 55 million for the first time. The population grew by 0.8%, or 538,100 people, in one year. Net migration accounted for 62.4% of this population rise.

Here are the official net migration statistics for 2016 and the differences from 2015:

From 2015 2016 Difference
Total 332,000 248,000 -84,000
EU 184,000 133,000 -51,000
Non-EU 189,000 175,000 -14,000
Asia 115,000 113,000 -2,000

Though decreasing, the figure of ¼ million a year net migration to the UK is still wildly unsustainable. At least, after the Brexit decision, EU migration has fallen significantly, but non-EU migration - which we have always had full control of - remains stubbornly high, especially the disproportionate amount from Asia. Official data on National Insurance number registrations shows far high numbers than might be expected: "In [year ending] March 2017, there were 593,000 National Insurance number (NINo) registrations by EU nationals (down 6% on the previous year) and 191,000 by non-EU nationals (down 2% on the previous year)". The government has not adequately explained the discrepancy between NINo and migration figures. There is a distinct possibility that true net migration is much higher than the official estimates. More statistics to ponder:

The Muslim aspect

Revised 23 April 2018

Crime and extremism

Despite the best attempts of most authorities and media to deny, suppress and obscure information, it is now established (for example, from German and Swedish data) that the recent - overwhelmingly Muslim - migrants to the EU are committing disproportionately high numbers of crimes in the countries they have reached. Members of the public, and especially women, are being seriously put at risk by the downplaying of these crimes, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments. Significant infiltration of migrants by Islamic jihadists can hardly be doubted. Seven of the ten November 2015 Paris attackers and some of the March 2016 Brussels attackers entered Europe while posing as migrants. Looking in more detail:


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