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We analyse and comment on political and social issues, primarily those which affect the United Kingdom (UK). Our findings and opinions are backed up, wherever possible, by facts, evidence and data. We specialize in exposing hidden, hard to find or unappreciated information to public view.

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2018-04-23: 89% of refugees in the Netherlands with a residence permit were still unemployed two and a half years later.

2018-03-13: We have fallen foul of Twitter's censorship and our account has been suspended. Now you can find us exercising our right to free speech on Gab, Minds and WrongThink.

2018-02-22: Updated estimated number of Muslim grooming gang victims to 643,000 across the UK.

2018-02-03: Added videos of Islamic exorcism and child brainwashing.

2018-01-26: Updated information about Scotland's exports.

2018-01-19: Updated current and projected Muslim population and growth figures, rape gang conviction data, and estimates for genetic disorders caused by consanguineous marriages.

2017-12-13: Articles on Meaning of Brexit and Betrayal of Brexit rewritten following May's capitulation in negotiations with the EU.

2017-12-09: With closure of Vidme and increased censorship of Twitter, video links moved to PewTube and link to WrongThink added.

2017-11-13: Added link to fiqh rulings and note about school visits to mosques.

2017-10-16: Noted it is illegal to carry out halal slaughter and knowingly allow the meat to be consumed by non-Muslims.

2017-09-11: Updated information about crisis engulfing Police Scotland.

2017-09-04: Noted how NGOs are aiding and abetting illegal migrant smugglers.

2017-09-01: Number of jihadis in UK could now be as high as 25,000.

2017-08-30: Noted how SNP ministers have repeatedly interfered in critical reports.

2017-08-23: Added information about SNP minister's link to Al-Meezan Islamic centre.

2017-07-02: Updated migrant crime figures; reordered Gallery and added Migrants section.

About us

Locations of Site Visitors We reside in the United Kingdom (UK) and treasure its national heritage and culture. Britons can take pride in knowing that the UK has given more to the world than it has taken, with our society still underpinned by the values of Christianity despite its decline as a practised faith. We wish to continue living in this free and fair society with generally well-educated and considerate citizens. But we are dismayed at how our security and hard-won freedoms are rapidly being eroded by the very people who should be protecting them most. Regressive and undemocratic political movements threaten our nation; the defence of the realm is no longer assured; and our resources and magnanimity are constantly abused. We sense that much of the public, whether through ignorance, complacency or denial, are underestimating the severity of the situation.

These are examples of the areas which currently concern us most:

Please note we retain absolute editorial independence. We are not affiliated with, or sponsored by, any political party, pressure group or business.

Why 'wiser monkeys'?

The centuries-old three wise monkeys were said to "see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil", which has come to mean that wrongdoing or impropriety is best dealt with by turning a blind eye. But individual acts of cowardly avoidance or fear of retribution progressively corrode our society, leaving it prey to the abusive, the illiberal, the immoral, the corrupt, the criminal, the cruel, the dictatorial and the fanatical. Such willful blindness has caused many of the worst predicaments our country finds itself in today.

As optimists, we like to think that the three monkeys would now take a much more enlightened view: that improper or wicked behaviour should be identified and exposed for what it really is. If we can be wiser monkeys and "see evil, hear evil, and speak about evil" instead, society will thrive and our lives will be more satisfying and secure. Freedom of speech (or more generally, freedom of expression) is the right to communicate one's opinions and ideas without fear of state retaliation or censorship. It is the most powerful civil defence against evil that we have in a democracy.

The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.
Albert Einstein


We aim to inform our opinions with accurate knowledge and data, but of course we make mistakes from time to time. If you know of a correction which should be made, please let us know.

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